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An interesting in-house project, GardenBird (formerly known as "Garden Bird & Wildlife Company") was in dire requirement of an overhaul. Heavily reliant on catalogue sales, the brand had an associated non-responsive website which performed poorly, although the brand had a clear opportunity online. The challenge was to take this premium quality, more expensive bird food brand, and fit it into a niche market which was dominated primarily by budget brands.

After taking an in-depth look at Google Analytics for inspiration into user experience, it was evident that customers, for the most part, were using their tablets to purchase bird food online. Furthermore, the target audience, being 65+ and of mixed gender demographics, had clear interests in art, outdoors and gardening.

Although many of our customers were engaging with the catalogue, no consideration had been made as to the relationship between catalogue and website. This was used a basis for the website redesign.

Website Info

Garden & Home Trading Company
Online marketing, digital strategy, project management, PPC, SEO, content, branding, analytics, merchandising
26% increased revenue
Since launch in May 2016, GardenBird has experienced a 26% increase in revenue: the first increase in four years.
Multi-device ready
Designed with a multi-device perspective, customers can now engage across mobile, tablet and desktop.
Simplified branding
Changed from the complex "Garden Bird & Wildlife Company" to the much simpler and easier to remember "GardenBird"

Email marketing

Emails were static, single jpeg images which consisted primarily of target a single database. After reviewing demographic requirements, it was quickly established this particular audience would engage with bird-related content, as well as product information, deals and offers. A segmentation strategy was implemented, with both content and product emails used in weekly email activity. All emails now use dynamic elements, are in HTML and steps are being made towards a more autonomous approach.